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Die 'Angular Master Class' von Thoughtram in Hannover: 

Dieser 2-Tagesworkshop dreht sich rund um das JavaSript-Toolset 'Angular JS'.

Event-Webseite: http://thoughtram.io/angular-master-class.html

Tickets: http://www.eventbrite.de/e/angular-master-class-hanover-tickets-16537555273


Folgend der Originaltext von Thoughtram:

"Together with EDELSTALL Futur, we'll bring our Angular Master Class to Hanover!

AngularJS is a JavaScript toolset that changes the way we build web applications. We have over 3 years experience with AngularJS, we've built widely used modules for it and are also active contributors to the project. In our Angular Master Class, attendees learn everything they need to know to build fully fledged single page applications with AngularJS.

Why take this training?

Want to get up and running with the Angular framework, but don't have the time to read through all the documentation and tutorials in the internet? Then this training is for you. In this course we cover everything you need to know to build apps for tomorrow. From file structures, controllers and services to complex directives and server communication.

What you will learn

Throughout this workshop you're going to build an Angular application to learn about controller architecture, built-in services, the different directive implementations and much more. Here's a quick outline on what this covers.

Day 1

- Concepts, architecture and philosophy
- Angular's runtime, its compiler and two-way data binding
- Controllers
- Understanding Scopes
- Built-in and custom services
- Dependency Injection
- Promises

Day 2

- Routing and Views
- Built-in Directives
- Template Directives
- Component Directives and Transclusion
- Directive Controllers
- Component-based Architecture
- Best Practices

We created future-proved material based on Angular 1.3 towards 2.0, to make sure the apps you build today are going to work tomorrow.

What you will take home

As a Angular Master Class attendee you'll get a copy of all slides used to teach in the course, access to our private repositories with lots of examples, exercises and receipts and also to a closed mailing list for future support. In addition we provide you with great thoughtram and Angular stickers, so you can decorate your machine accordingly."